Why error code

Why is it that when i get 3002 error code i have to reboot please help out here

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Oh that’s strange. 3002 is usually a temporary problem that resolves itself. Can you try to wait a while to see if it improves?

Keep me posted!

well i tried and it would still say that and now since I am in another state still have my cam running on my old phone i checked to see if it would connect and now i can’t becuase my phone that I have to view the cam died on me and came back to the hotel to see if everything is ok and now i cannot even connect gah I don’t know what to do! HELP!!!

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Hi @zeth1986,

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We took a closer look. Your Camera is running Android 4.0. Google Play Services might have been automatically updated on your device. Unfortunately, the latest version has major compatibility issues with Android 4.0. Your Camera has essentially been logged out.

There is a workaround, but you’d need physical access to your Camera Phone. Please log out by tapping the three dots, choose “Account,” confirm that you want to log out, and log back in again by choosing “Doesn’t work? Try this.”

Sorry for the inconvenience. The problem should be fixed once you log in that way!