Why does Alfred require, specifically, a @gmail.com email, when you can have a Google account with a different domain?

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name: Samsung Galaxy S8
OS Version: Android 7
AppVersion: Latest

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Hi @jamesvds ,

Thank you for reaching out.

For instnce, Googlemail is considered a separate domain by Google. Since Alfred adopts Google login, for the moment Alfred only accepts @gmail.com accounts.

If you want, please try set up a new Gmail for Alfred. It takes one minute, and you will be able to make Alfred work immediately!

Hope this helps!

Thanks, but I still don’t understand. Google account doesn’t require @gmail.com domain, so even though you’re using Google login, you shouldn’t need to force a @gmail.com domain?

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Same here.
If you need a valid GMail address, it would take only a couple of minutes for your developer to change the test condition to
if(email.endsWith("“gmail.com”) || email.endsWith(“googlemail.com”))
but it would dramatically increase your user satisfaction.

Even if I sign in with a gmail.com-Domain, Google OAuth returns a googlemail.com in Europe for me, so I cannot use Alfred with my regular account currently.


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@andre.langer while this may be true but I find it convenient to keep my Gmail account separate and created a new Gmail account specifically for the Alfred app.

I use my own domain on google mail. So it is actually gmail account, but it does not end with @gmail.com. Now I am considering buying premium, but would really like to use it with a same mail that I use for other iot stuff instead of using my main gmail account for Alfred or creating another gmail account… Any chance to do it?

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Ditto here. I have a google domain account, so it’s still a google email with all the @gmail.com bells and whistles. It just doesn’t end with @gmail.com. Might I suggest a more sophisticated validation scheme than simply the FQDN?


They’d be ignorant to not change it. Why reject users for any reason? They got a missed sale from one of the comments because of this reason, so if someone commented imagine how many just left? For every one person commenting about it 1000 have probably left

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

We understand your concern and are looking into the possibility of providing more login options in the future. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!

Would a VPN service work for you to trick your ip into thinking your USA or CANADA?

My desire for a NON GOOGLE related log in stems from their privacy policy, googles privacy policy should be called a “were gonna sell all your stuff/data/emails/contacts And everything policy“ because there is no privacy., go ahead and read it all… I think this app is great and I would like to purchase the premium but I refuse to give google that much access into my spaces.
Oh just a side note. It clearly states in the google document That they won’t be held liable for any third party use of our data when Google is used to sign Anywhere. So read both. Yes they are tedious and sometimes the language is full of legalese that the layman has difficulty making sense of. But I’ve found the more complex they make it, the worse off the consumers are. Please allow a more secure type of login (one that respects our privacy) thanks

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I’ve been calling for alternative login for years but Apps use Google login as a quick and easy solution and more “secure” than setting up their own data base of users and logins.