Why do I keep getting notifications that my camera isn't charging. It's never dipped below 100% battery?



I keep getting a Alfred not charging notification but it’s always charging and never dips below 100%. Why is this happening

Keep getting Not Charging notification although it is 100 charged

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This most probably has something to do with the overcharge protection of your battery. It’s great because clearly it’s working!

You can always turn off battery notifications for this particular device. Please check this out:

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I thought I could use my tablet?


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Yes you can use a tablet. Have you experienced any difficulty setting Alfred up on your tablet?


Mi teléfono siempre esta conectado al cargador y llega un momento que se apaga por carga. Deja de cargar automáticamente asta que se apaga por carga y al que encenderlo manual mente


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It seems like your device has a safety mechanism to stop charging once it is fully-charge. The best solution for you would be disabling battery notifications.

Please check out this link and follow the instructions:

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I also have the problem with “stopped charging” notifications. I followed the link above and found the instructions to disable the notifications, but my app menu does not include the same options as the images in the tutorial. The only option I see is to disable notifications from that phone/camera completely.

My viewing phone is an iPhone 6 and my ‘camera’ phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 Express. The Samsung is at 100% charge and is plugged in. It has not dropped below 100% that I’ve seen (I’ve looked while the notifications are being sent).

Notifications are useless because I get an endless string of "phone stopped charging’ messages, forcing me to completely disable notifications. Was the option to disable certain types of notifications removed from the latest version of the app?


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In iOS device, you are not able to disable the battery notification alone.The situation you describe seems that your Camera Phone has loose contact with the socket. We will suggest you plug in with official charger and cord to assure the stable charging of your phone.

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The camera phone doesn’t have a loose connection. The camera phone is an Android, as described above, and has that “feature” where it stops charging when it reaches 100%. I’m viewing the Android’s camera through an iPhone, however, and the IOS app doesn’t offer any way to restrict those notifications.

My wife is also using the iphone app and does not get the battery notifications from the Android phone. Is that because the account is my own and she’s been invited to it?


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That’s correct! The one being invited to the trust circle will not receive battery notification. You can disable the notification on your Viewer phone by taping the menu icon on the top left corner, entering Notification then disable the option. However, that way you will not get motion detection notification as well. We will look into the possibility to disable the battery notification alone on iOS Viewer in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!