Why am I missing motion detection alerts?

Superhero K.B. wrote us today and asked

Hi Alfred
Have set up motion detection on my phone and placed phone against window for outdoor protection and have walked past a few times and it is not picking my movement up and notifying me. Am I doing something wrong in my setup? It seems a great product and if you could help me resolve this I would definitely buy this app. Thanks

Oh, According to his description, we think it is because of the “Smart Mode”. A lot of users told us that they don’t want to receive motion detection alerts when they are at home, so “Smart Mode” asks if you want to turn off motion detection when your Viewer and Camera devices are in the same wifi network.

That being said, it means that when you turn on Smart Mode, you won’t receive motion detection alerts when your Viewer and Camera devices are in the same WiFi network.

It the “Smart Mode” is not useful to you and you prefer to receive motion detection notifications, you can choose to turn off Smart Mode here.

p.s. We understand that the name “Smart Motion Detection” is somewhat confusing. We are changing it to “Motion Detection Reminder” in the next release. Do you think this is better?

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Home Sync mode would be better.

However one has been experiencing issues with it and the fact it is not working while one is home.