Who else is viewing my camera

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Nobody is viewing your camera except for you and anybody with your Gmail account password, and anybody with physical access to the cloud storage drives oh and probably Google and most of the American federal agencies and if you believe the main stream media then the Russians…all of them
Sleep tight.


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While we’re on the subject, one night I was holding my viewer phone in one hand playing a game, & one of my camera phones in the other, also playing a game. Neither was connected to Alfred at the time. As I was sitting there, Alfred suddenly turned on & popped up on the screen on the camera phone!! As if I had turned it on myself or turned it on remotely even though I did neither. I checked the settings in my camera phone & I did not have the box checked so that Alfred would automatically turn on when the phone powered on. Even if I did have it checked, the phone hadn’t just powered on anyways.
Alfred was not turned on on my viewer phone at the time.
So I’m wondering how did Alfred spontaneously turn on my camera phone the way it did? When I didn’t turn it on? It was as if someone else had turned it on remotely, but not me. How is that?