Which versions/devices have which features and why no battery notifications?


Battery notifications and remote switch don’t seem to be available to me - perhaps they are Android only or perhaps they are only for certain ios versions? It would be nice if it were clear which features are supposed to be present for which devices and os versions - is there a matrix anywhere? I appreciate it might be a bit complex but even if it were incomplete it could be very useful.

My viewer is iphone SE running ios 10.2.1
My camera is iphone 4S running ios 9.x

Great app, btw - I’m testing out how long my camera will work on an external battery pack…


Hi @suleika,

Thank you so much for joining us at Alfred Center!

Actually I did work on a list of features last year, but that was before Remote Switch became available!


Remote Switch is Android-only for the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience! Battery notifications, however, ARE available for iOS. It’s just that if you don’t enable notifications (Motion Detection notifications included), you won’t receive them. Could you enable notifications and try again?

Would love to hear how your experiment turns out!


Ah I missed that info table - thanks.

I do have notifications enabled in the main menu and also the camera-specific menu, but I’m not receiving battery notifications - I just tested by disconnecting the camera from its power source. In the camera-specific menu there’s nothing called “Device Events” or “Battery Notifications” as per this FAQ entry.

I changed this thread title - hope that’s ok.

As to my experiment, my portable battery kept my old phone going for less than 24 hours, even though Alfred is the only app on it! It was worth a try.


Hey @suleika,

OOO the battery notifications and device events (which we haven’t really made available yet anyways) settings are only seen on Android devices. Android users need the capacity to turn battery notifications off because some phones have a mechanism to prevent over-charging. As a result, the Camera Phones constantly send notifications to the Viewer Phones saying they have stopped charging. iOS devices don’t have this problem. Once notifications are enabled, they should automatically send Motion as well as battery notifications.

Could you check your phone settings to make sure you have allowed Alfred to send you notifications? Also, do you find the Events in your Event Book at all? If not, could you make sure there is enough space on your Camera Phone?

Keep me posted! Would love to get this sorted out for you!