Where is the cloud

Videos are apparently stored in the cloud. I have no idea what cloud Alfred is talking about and where do I find it?
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The Cloud is Alfred’s own Storage for your video clips so the clips are not stored locally on your device unless you download them from Alfred’s servers to your device post event.

Thank you so much for your reply, you are the only person to reply, not even Alfred is answering me. Very disappointing.
I do not know where to find this Alfred cloud. There are zero instructions on this. Obviously everyone who uses this app is quite computer savvy. I am not. Perhaps if someone would instruct me how to get to and view the cloud would help. I have the upgraded version of Alfred but the instructions are woefully missing for non geeky people.

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The Cloud is just a name for data storage facilities that are not physically accessible by yourself. If you store files on your phone or computer that’s called local storage. From your viewer device you see your camera device. If you click on the play icon it will show you the motion clips that have been captured. These clips are not on your phone so you need internet access to view them because they are stored on Alfred’s computer “cloud”. If you want to keep any of them then you need to download the file from Alfred’s computer “cloud” to your device “local storage”
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I understand what you are saying but what do I actually click on to get to Alfred’s cloud? I see no icon or words that say Alfred’s cloud. I am logged in to my account on my PC and I can find nothing that says cloud.

I’m not sure on the web browser version as I do not use it but on the App version…

The square icon on the bottom right corner of your camera picture with the play button on it. When you press that and see any videos that have been saved by motion detection that’s the Cloud. It’s just a name for Alfred’s servers that store your files.

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Thank you for that clarification.
I use it on my PC because I have a 17" screen which beats my phone which is a fraction of that. Thanks for your help. Too bad I can’t use or see any cloud because Alfred does not understand that many people do not just use their phones. I like my PC over my phone any day with it’s large screen.

If you can see your motion detection recorded events then you can see Alfred’s servers “cloud”

I can on my phone but not on my PC unless I am looking in the wrong place on my PC. Thank you agian.

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Okay. From the webviewer on your camera picture top right there’s a cross hairs icon. Click the cross hairs icon and a bar will come up on the bottom of the frame. The middle icon is a calendar icon with a play button on it. That is your access button to the mysterious Alfred cloud. Now go forth cloud Hunter and slay all the technical mumble jumbo ahead of thee.