Where do i find the recordings ...?




My camera is off now (don’t know why so far) … when i click on the movie-icon and want to watch the last recorded events, there only comes a site that says “motion detection is off”.

Where can i find and whatch the last event recordings now when the camera is offline, or stolen?



If none are showing it means whoever has the phone deleted them or the phone is just offline. If you believe the phone to be stolen, I would first change the gmail password and turn on 2 factor authentication. This will log out the camera phone.

It also could just be the power and or the internet connection died on the phone. If it is hard to get back to the phone, it is up to you whether you change the password to log it out, or wait until it possibly comes back online.

Hope that helps.


Hi @foh.handy,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

We take a look at the logs. It seems your Camera Phone has run out of battery recently. Please keep your Camera Phone plug in so it won’t go offline. Also, to find the latest recorded videos, please check out the link below:

You see the page “Motion Detection is Off” may due to the unstable internet connection. Please try using Alfred in a place where signal is strong to see whether the situation persist.

Hope it helps! Let us know if you need further assistance!


Back from my holidays I found out that the cameraApp was offline for more than one week. Thats why there were no recordings in the list. I don’t know why the camera was offline. Battery Wrhundred percent and the phone is connected to the home net. Manual App login was just one click to do. I don’t know why the app didn’t Login automatically.