Where are my Videos via PC Record?



I recorded video on my pc with teh web browser, and I can’t find them? I took a couple pictures as well, they are found easily on my PC.


:thinking: I could b totally wrong here. Ur file folder, depending on ur storage location being device or SD

Thanks i was having a blonde moment @pinkylee020
Location: in ur moments


@4starj they are stored in moments. Your cloud icon top right. You have to download them I believe.


Hello, is it going that to be fixed soon ? The manual records from the web browser ? There is record icon, when I press it, it start to count the time (30sec) top left corner, but after nothing. Can’t find where is that record. After I press the "snapshot"icon, it take a shot, and it download it immediately, but about the records nothing.

Regards: SHNICI - Georgi

P.S. that one on Google Chrome browser


Pretty sure they will be under your DOWNLOADS folder or PICTURES folder. If not, just type in your Windows search bar bottom left… Alfred. This will find any related files with Alfred’ name attached


Hi Lecrem, like I say: it’s saving the screenshots, but definitely isn’t saving the live records. I search enough my PC (windows 10) after manually run the recorder 20 times (30s recs), no changes in the disk space, no new files on the PC, nothing new in the recent, or after search for the last modified or saved files don’t come with any new video file. The same I done on my MacBook, and nothing there.


Like @Pinkylee020 was saying…The ones you Manually record, are in the cloud, Click the icon up top about middle of the screen. It looks like a cloud and says Moments


Excuse me, but exactly that I’m saying: they aren’t stored in the “Moments”, I don’t see them there 100% and like I say when I make that records from the COMPUTER WEB BROWSER GOOGLE CHROME (the same from the MAC ), not from the phone, from the phone, they work fine!


The web viewer has a bug in the download button, and currently does not work, only for android or IOS phones atm.

But if you did hit RECORD on viewer and not just select a Thumbnail and DOWNLOAD, your videos/images would be saved in moments. If you clicked thumbnail and Downloaded with browser button… Videos would be in a folder on your PC and also in your phone there is an Alfred folder with downloaded videos/images. Hope this is what your after, If you still can’t find what your looking for ask @Ricardo for further assistance.


@Lecram , I appreciate your try to help me, but that’s not what I’m asking at all!

The "download button work fine for me (google chrome on MAC OS, on WIN10 Chrome it work again). I’m looking for the RECORDED VIDEOS, when I use the web viewer.

That’s not working for me

That work just fine and when I hit download under the alfred player it work too.
If @Ricardo understand what I’m asking for, and can help me, please :grinning:

Regards: SHNICI - Goergi


Then %100 they are under your “Moments Cloud” icon

  • If not listed there then you must have thought you were recording, but it wasn’t and they never existed. (I’ve never seen alfred not log a recording, I got ones from 2015-current)
  • If your are hitting Record and you see it recording, and it is still not listed in moments then you definately have a bug in your app.
  • Can you try the same thing using Firefox and let me know what happens.


Probably @ricardo , or some one else from the Alfred team change something since the last few hours, and now it’s working like never before for me.

Regards: SHNICI - Georgi


Thanks for the update.