Where are my videos stored?



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The star icon has been changed to a cloud. Can you find that?


The LG POWER L22C can accept a 32GB memory card which will probably store a whole years worth of video recorded using motion sensing. I can download APPS from most anywhere. We are retired and often go on trips for far more than seven days. My plans are to mount the phone high enough that it can not be seen or reached and to extract the recorded video using my home wireless WiFi to my DELL laptop once we get home.
Do you know of any system that will first record video using motion sensing, second allow internal memory storage and third accessing this memory storage via. WiFi?



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Actually Alfred can do what you want just fine!

Just set up the Camera in your house. Alfred will capture recordings and save the recordings to the cloud storage. Wherever you are, you can either watch the recordings on your phone or open Alfred’s WebViewer on a PC/laptop:

I am assuming you still check your emails and so on periodically even when you are on holiday. You can go through your Motion Events as well. If there is anything you want to keep, it takes one click to do that:

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How can you download the captured videos?


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Please check out the following tutorials for downloading the recordings you want to keep:

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