Whats the hooople



Does anyone have clips to exchange? I got bored of the same vids


What uh… exactly you looking for? Or rather, what is going around? I feel there is an “adult” subculture happening here…


Im looking…


I could be… candid spies still leaves me in a fog… sorry. Like spying on people fucking? Or just simply people watching?


I personally prefer …


Have a secret hidden cam on the roommate huh? I like it… even though it IS encroaching on privacy laws… wouldnt mind seeing some of those clips… I only, thus far, have secretly recorded a POV of my wife sucking me…


I can share the wife on my cock with ya in exchange for what you deem fit to share back.


I didnt mean to freak you out man… Just make you aware of being so open with essentially wire tapping issues you could face.
I would LOVE to see some. I am a voyuer at heart and live for this stuff. If I had the opportunity I would do it too but, just speak about it in a round about way.