What's New for Alfred Android 1440/1438


The latest version of Alfred packs several crucial performance improvements and an exciting new feature!

  1. Zoom is joining Alfred as a Premium feature to give you enhanced clarity! Click here for more details as well as a demo.

  2. Video data transmission has been optimized for certain network conditions to speed up connection setup and reduce the occurrences of black screen with audio only.

  3. The video-recording algorithm has been further optimized to reduce the cases where long events are broken into multiple recordings. Moreover, seconds without activity following an event have been minimized.

  4. The video encoding parameters have been adjusted to make the video smoother than before.

Update right now: we promise it’s awesome!



I’m on Build 1408 and there no updates for me ?


Anyone ? how can I update it.


Hi @bizuca.das,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

This version is still on staged rollout. You should be able to update in a couple of days.

Please stay tuned!