What's New for Alfred Android 1408/1406


In the latest version of Alfred for Android, we made some improvements for Motion Events so the movement is more fluid. We restored the “Select All” option in the Event Book which was unintentionally removed. Bugs that prevented upgrades from being processed have been addressed as well.

Some additional changes you might notice:

  • Settings are greyed out when either device is disconnected.
  • You will see a confirmation message when setting changes have been correctly applied.
  • You can mute audio from the Viewer during live-viewing sessions.



after the last update i able to see the aplication is excelent
On my mobile view i get the status of battery from the other mobile “monitor mobile”


My NV doesn’t work either,just a dark green screen.


Hi @bizuca.das,

Thank you for reaching out!

Whoa, dark green screen? On which Camera? Please let me know more so I can look into it for you. Would be great if you could include a screenshot!

PS: I noticed some of your Cameras are running quite dated versions of Alfred. Would you please update Alfred and try again?