What’s New for Alfred iOS


Alfred iOS Version 2.2.0 (build 1120)_latest version

Introducing a brand new logo that presents Alfred’s spirit in a more contemporary style. Check it out in our new icon and splash screen!

Alfred iOS Version 2.1.1 (build 1024)

  • For the best viewing experience, you can adjust the quality of your video stream based on your viewing conditions now.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Alfred iOS Version 2.0.1 (build 946)

  • Person Detection! Alfred can now notify and record only when it sees a person.
  • You can enable/disable iOS Camera remotely now.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Alfred iOS Version 1.12.1 (build 870)

  • New “Contact Us” Channel. We make reporting issue easier.
  • Bug fixes for Guided Access not working properly on iOS 12.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Alfred iOS Version 1.12.0 (build 858)

Alfred iOS Version 1.11.3 (build 848)

  1. Zoom is joining Alfred as a Premium feature to give you enhanced clarity
  2. Record longer videos up to 120 seconds when the movement continues for Premium users!
  3. Improve the experience of manual recording. Now you can simply tap the recording button to shoot videos rather than long press the button to do it
  4. The video recording algorithm has been further optimized to reduce the cases where long events are broken into multiple recordings
  5. Bug fix and performance improvement

Alfred iOS Version 1.10.9 (build 706)

Alfred’s latest iOS update presents some UI modifications. We also fixed some bugs and made some improvements, as we always do.

Alfred iOS Version 1.10.7 (build 692)

  1. iOS Camera now supports manual recording
  2. Bug fix and performance improvement

Alfred iOS Version 1.10.6 (build 680)

In this version, we had been focusing on bringing you a version with better looks and experiences.

We had updated Camera UI design to align with what we had done for Android. The new design brings you more information which is essential for your setup. Meanwhile it makes several key functionalities more accessible by directly putting them at the first layer without the need to dive into the menu.

Viewer mode had been further optimized so it loads the Camera List much faster than before. There are also few color and animation tweaks to make the UI sleeker and more fluid.

And we had updated the splash screen as well together with some small enhancements which we believe will improve the overall experience as a whole.

Alfred iOS Version 1.10.5 (build 646)

The latest version of Alfred for iOS supports rich notifications! Find out how to take advantage of rich notifications here.

If you have an iOS Camera and Android Viewer, you can now take advantage of Motion Detection Reminder as well!

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