What is the strangest place you've set up an Alfred Camera or caught on camera??

Keep it above the belt guys and keep it legal please! Thanks. Have fun! :blush:

I got some fabulous footage of my 12 yr old daughter innocently twerking when no one was home lol.
I was totally waiting for something like that…a bit of imarasing teen footage that I will be using as a Ace in my hand when she’s acting out like teens so often do lol… :smiling_imp:

I’ve seriously contemplated throwing up on Youtube MMUUUHAAA

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Bwahahaha :rofl: That’s great! Good story for sure and wonderful idea on holding the video “just in case” she becomes an unruly teen. It will work at first most likely but if she becomes too unruly it’ll unlikely phase her any. Then at least you can see if your daughters twerking video goes viral or not! Lol

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