What is the default and Max video lengths for each of the 2 video modes (motion) and (manual record)?



I have not been able to locate this particular information:

What is the default and Max video lengths for each of the 2 video modes that it seems that Alfred supports:
(a) motion detection … default time / length = ? … max video time / length = ?

(b) manual record … default time / length = ? … max video time / length = ?

additional questions I can’t find the answers to:

© is there a way to manually record video using the web-browser firefox viewer, or is that ability only available in the app version of the viewer?

(d) why can’t I see events in the firefox viewer? that’s weird to me… it doesn’t make any sense that I can only see events in the app… … I’d rather use My PC to monitor what’s going on in the office or home, and visa versa than a small screen phone… so… no event viewer is weird to me… can I turn this “on” in the firefox somehow?

(e) if there is a motion detect event that is going on for say… 10 minutes… from what I can tell, right now, Alfred will only capture the first 30 seconds? … ??? - - - what about the other 9 minutes and 30 seconds… what is Alfred doing during that time? … since the default is so short… is there a way to set it to a longer time?

could I fix this issue by setting the camera’s to manual record and leaving them set like that all the time? will

or …
Alfred just continue to create a series of 30 second “spots” as long as there is motion in a frame? This way, I would at least be able to capture all of the motion in an event on camera, and not lose any data that might be needed or useful…


yes if motion is in the frame for more then 30 it will make a folder with muliple events “30sec max” the only issue i have found is events in the folder seam to be miss time stamped. ie event 1 . time stamp, 3:33:05. video is of roommate leaving. event 2. time stamp, 3:35:54. video is also of roommate leaving…


Hi @mavrick.komasinski,

Thank you for reaching out!

There is no “default” video length for Alfred. Motion Detection records 5-30 second videos depending on the movement. For manual recording, you can record for as long as 30 seconds in one go.

For the moment, manual recording isn’t available on Alfred’s WebViewer yet. You can only watch live feed with with the WebViewer.

If the movement continues, Alfred will break it into multiple video clips. The goal is to notifying you ASAP. If Alfred records for 10 minutes before alerting you, you won’t be able to intervene in time.

Hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have more questions.


Hello, is it going that to be fixed soon ? The manual records from the web browser ? There is record icon, when I press it, it start to count the time (30sec) top left corner, but after nothing. Can’t find where is that record. After I press the "snapshot"icon, it take a shot, and it download it immediately, but about the records nothing.

Regards: SHNICI - Georgi

P.S. that one on Google Chrome browser


Hi Georgi,

On the top menu of WebViewer, you should find “Moments”. That’s where your manual recording videos locate. Let us know if you can find them there!


When I manually push the button record from the mobile phone it save them in the "Moments, like you say, but when I do from the browser nothing come ofter in "moments"or on the computer.


Hi Georgi,

Could you please try to open the WebViewer on incognito mode and see if the issue persists?

It could also be that:

  1. Your connection is not very stable.
    If the Internet is cut off before the video can be uploaded, the video will be lost. Please connect your Camera to a more stable internet to prevent this issue from happening again.

  2. Your Camera Phone is running out of internal storage space.
    Please free up some space to see if that fixes the problem.

Let us know if one of them solve the issue!


Have 14mb/s UP and 350mb/s DL speed, stable 90% pf the time for sure (Isn’t the internet isue)

That’s possible, have to check the cameras (isn’t working on any of them, few have only Alfred on them, should be free space there)

Have to try that.

Thank you, I’ll report back after the tests.


Hello @ricardo , I don’t know what’s changed since the last few hours, but it start to work properly now. Thank you very much, I appreciate what ever is done!
I run to test one more time under Safari (just in case) and I see it’s working, after I go back to the google chrome, and there is working too xD
Thank you!


Thanks for the update, Georgi!

Let us know if you have other question/feedback.