What Happens When You Give Us Your Gmail

“I wrote to ask for support and you asked for my Gmail. What do you do with it? Can you see my feed/videos?”

If you have written to us with more specific questions (namely the questions you can’t find the answer to in our list of FAQs), chances are we will ask for your Gmail. Some Superheroes get a little nervous about this, and we totally understand: Alfred guards those who are the nearest and dearest to you. It is normal that you would want to keep things private.

Don’t worry! You would be happy to know that your live feed and videos are protected by your Gmail password, which we will never ever ask for. In other words, there is no way we can see what you see. All we can get from your Gmail is some statistics (connection quality, whether a specific feature is turned on, the device models…) to help us zero in on the problem. Moreover, your privacy is of our utmost concern, so information will never be used for any other purpose!

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