What happens to 'Moments' when camera is offline?


I’ve got everything set up and it seems to be working/detecting motion OK. But when I walked over to the camera to switch it off, it didn’t actually save the event of me appearing in front of it and reaching down to it to turn it off. There’s nothing on the Moments tab on my computer (the Viewer device), meaning any potential thieves (and there is a specific motivation for me setting up this system…) could just turn the phone off and take it, meaning then all evidence of them entering the property in the first place is gone.

I’m sure this must be a simple setting somewhere that I need to change.

Not sure which device is the problem, but I’d guess camera. It’s a Motorola phone, no idea on OS version; app version is the newest.




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We understand how important it is to keep your Camera safe. For Android Camera, please try our passcode lock:

If you use an iOS phone as Camera, please enable Guided Access to help you lock your phone:

Also, you can perhaps find some ideas to camouflage the device here:

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