What does the Error Code 7007 mean?

I think the design of the P2P architectire of this app is so flawed that using it as a security app is close to SUICIDAL. I have had like 10 cameras up on it. constant 7007 in most insane and critical moments.
I am planning to get it all UNISTALLED. You can get ROBBED in the middle of the day and see 7007 on all cameras. this app is totally unreliable but for watching FISH in an AQUARIUM swim.

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Hi @befriendlierme,

Thank you for reaching out!

We are sorry to hear what you’ve experienced. Alfred works as long as the devices connect to the Internet. We take a look at the logs, it seems recently your Camera went offline quite frequently. Chances are too many devices connect to the same WiFi network, leading to the Internet bandwidth be insufficient to support the connection. Please try a different setup of your WiFi/Mobile network and see whether the situation gets better. In the meantime, please run a quick Camera Health Check to see if the power supply/connection can be improved:

I have T1 connection , super low latency…alfred is crapping outvall the time…forget HD…i wish it could offer more than blurry VHS quality…it is absokutely nonsensical that tgey fo not offer very best video quality but the level of mid 1980 video

Falou tudo o que eu ia dizer

Pls expanciate on the cause of error 7007 and how it can be resolved. All of my camera devices fail frequently on this error. It happened frequently every night.

Hi @zhiyungu168,

We’re glad to see you here at Alfred Center!

You see 7007 when your Camera has been powered down, disconnected, logged out, or simply crashed. If you see a yellow circle, please tap on it to see if the Camera can be woken up. If that fails, the only way to bring it back online is regaining physical access to the device. Please run a quick Camera Health Check to see if the power supply/connection can be improved.

Also, please avoid pressing home button or power key after you set up Camera in the future. Instead, you can tap the Lock icon on the bottom right corner.

For more information about Connectivity issues, please read:

Hope it helps!

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I keep hearing the same answers/excuses repeatedly but no one is saying what really could be going on. Alfred claims that no one but the owner has access to our camera(s)/viewer/live feed. A lot of these issues that Alfred clients are experiencing can be explained if they were told the truth. Just imagine if someone had access to view our camera(s) besides us. They would know when we’re home or gone & could cause all these disconnections & problems ppl are having.


Alfred keeps acting like our camera(s) are completely 100% secure. That’s just nonsense. By ignoring the truth, how many of us are at higher risk of being robbed? In reality, by using Alfred, we are making it easier for criminals to break in our homes while we’re gone. If they can see what we see. So Alfred, please stop acting like using your app is 100% secure.


Thank you for rising up the privacy concerns. Your privacy and information security are our top priorities. All your live feed and footage are protected by your Google account. Keeping your Gmail password safe is a great start! As long as you keep your password safe, nobody has access to it.

You can read more about our extra security measures here: https://alfred.camera/forum/t/633/

As Alfred adopts Google Login, you can check out the account activity through Google to see whether others log in to your Google account recently. Please see how here: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/45938?hl=en

In the meantime, please change your Gmail passwords right away and enable 2-step verification to protect your Google accounts further. You can see the details below: https://www.google.com/landing/2step/

Hope it helps!

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I have the same problem as everyone else. 7007 your camera is offline. Yes, I know my camera is offline. Why does it keep going offline? Please don’t tell me “You see 7007 when your Camera has been powered down, disconnected, logged out, or simply crashed”. My camera is not powered down, it is not disconnected, it is not logged out, and it has not crashed. For some reason it will start to work again if I come home and am on the same wifi network. I have logged into wifi network at my work and it still does not work. There is some software problem with Alfred. I have the latest software on camera and viewer also. Please fix this or i’m deleting this app.


Hi Jodhvir,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

We have received some users reporting that there is a bug with Guided Access on iOS 12. If you enable Guided Access on device running on iOS 12, it would fall asleep in about 20 minutes.

Before Apple fixes this bug, would you please try to disable Guided Access and see if the disconnection issue persists?

Please avoid pressing home button or power key after you set up Camera. Instead, you can tap the Lock icon on the bottom right corner.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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No point in upgrading. Totally unreliable. Frequently offline, despite numerous attempts to reconnect. 2007 means nothing. Best to go elsewhere ant try a different site.


Hi Deborah,

We are sorry for what you have experienced. Would you like to tell us a bit more about the issue so that we can solve it for you? Screenshots or video of what you see on the phone would be very helpful. We’d like to figure things out for you!

Keep us posted!


Did you get the problem resolved because now I’m experiencing it and I’m nowhere near the house to be up to reset it on a whim… gezz I took a friend’s advice and believe that this would be a simple solution to my problem and it’s not it’s only causing more havoc at this point

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Hi Gena,

We took a look at the logs and it seems that the WiFi connection on your Camera’s side had dropped. Please follow the troubleshooting steps here to prevent the issue from happening again in the future: https://alfred.camera/forum/t/1073315

Let us know if you need further assistance.

I’m paying for HD 3.50 OR something

Hello all.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android phone. In my case, the fix was to disable Sprint Connections optimizer. This cured it.


How can someone else see are camera

@juliacatherinesummer if you mean that you want to give some access to your camera device you can add them their Gmail account to your trust circle of an individual camera device,. This will give them limited access to your camera feed and viewing motion captures but they will not be able to change settings or delete videos.