What does the Error Code 1008 mean?

I can’t record any video because appear RECORD FAILED error 1008 . What does the Error Code 1008 mean?

Hi @camaracasa777,

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Error Code 1008 indicates that something went wrong while your Camera device was recording a video. In most cases, it is because the storage of your Camera device is full. When you make a recording with Alfred, the footage is first produced and stored on your Camera device and sent to the cloud when you release the “record” button, so your Camera device needs enough storage space for the videos.

To solve this problem, please check the storage of your phone and free up some space.

Let us know if it helps!

Thank’s for your answer. My phone have enough space but the problem still is the same friend. Is very strange.

I have the same problem. Could you please help us to solve this Ricardo?