What do you think about public education?


Friends, how do you think public education is successful for human development? Is it better to engage in self-education? and if so, how best to organize it?

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I heard the idea of creating a network of online universities around the world that will help poor countries to enable their residents to get an education. I think this is a very good step.


So where do the “poor” people get the computers and internet to access this facility. Besides there are already similar alternatives available online. It’s just a choice of which teachings you want to believe unless of course it’s mathematics which is the only true language with no theories but can be used in theories. I think some people forget that things like relativity and gravity are still only theory just like most of our media and democracy. Now tell us what you are trying to sell.


I am not trying to sell anything.
I just got really hooked on this idea of creating online universities. For the first time I heard this idea at the TED conference. I think this is the future. I would advise you to pay attention to this resource They offer very high-quality training options in universities in Ukraine for foreigners. In general Ukraine has a strong medical educational base and proposes great opportunities to all who wants to take good MBBS. Much more low cost of study doesn’t indicate it’s quality — Ukrainian teachers and professors give European-level knowledge with practical experience. This is why I think that studying in Ukraine for foreigners is a very good option.


Been done.

They started even before the internet.