What Ads Do You See?

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We explained how ads in Alfred work here. While we know ads can be annoying, they have provided Alfred with the possibility of sustainable development.

We try very hard to filter “fishy” ads out, but some of them are very strategically categorized so it is hard to get rid of all of them. We could really use your help to optimize the ad filter! Could you show us a screenshot or two of the ads you see in Alfred so we can do a proper evaluation?

If you want, you can also always upgrade to Alfred Premium which is a monthly subscription service for HD viewing, recording, as well as ad removal!

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This is what I got during my business trips to Taiwan and Hong Kong. It turned out to be a live video streaming website, not a porn site. I guess that is how it got through your filter. Still, inappropriate. I hope it helps you to block such ads.

Oh wow…well, before any investigation is carried out, my instinct tells me that this clinic has a large online advertisement budget, and demands every man in the region and age group to see this.

Suddenly I think ads for gaming and dating apps aren’t so bad.

Is this ad very common in other apps you use?

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