WebViewer on FireFox is corrupted

WebViewer on FireFox is corrupted.
A version of the Firefox is newest version 78.0.1(64bit) on windows10 (1809).
same problem was occured in older version of Firefox.

I have 2 cameras. (but 2nd camera’s power is down)
In WebViewer, when clicked the GRAPH ICON (Camera Connection) , showed “camera and wifi graph” but image of 2nd camera is still top of the window. The Image of the 2nd camera overlay “camera connection” graph.
And then, I can’t do anything but reloading.

when I tried same thing in Chrome, everything do well.


I found the ESC key to exit from “camera connection” graph.
But that’s all.
The problem is still go on.

The older(?) WebViewer was well.

Here too!
No problem with Chrome but
this is the situation on my Firefox:

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Thanks boggiano.

Now, works fine on my firefox.

How about you, boggiano?

Thanks ‘alfred team’.