Watching multiple cameras split screen!


Being able to watch more than 1 live camera through a split screen and when you touch a camera it enlarges to full screen…


Not sure if this helps but I watch mine split screen, on both my phone and tablet.


If you are monitoring your camera devices then motion detection is deactivated and you would have to manually record any event. If you are monitoring split screen I guess you have more than one feed so if you feel it necessary to constantly monitor your camera just consider monitoring one and leave the other to do the motion detection. @nicoleshort5280


how do you do this? please share


How to watch live feed from multiple Cameras at the same time


On my phone I Open the app and do the multi screen option then open my web browser select desktop mode and view both. My tablet I just open two separate windows and then select stack windows.


Also I have bluestacks installed on my desktop I downloaded Alfred app to it so I can use my desktop as a camera also. However I’m still wanting a windows app to make things easier.


Yes for the most part you’re correct however there have been several occasions where i caught something on camera in one feed but it didn’t record on another. The reason I have them set up is because I have had ppl show up with weapons so I rely on watching the live feed. If the motion sensor was able to open and turn on my camera when it detected something that would be different but it doesn’t.


If anyone wants to email me for tips & tricks please do so
I have finally figured out how to block the sun from overheating my phones and making them turn off.


@nicoleshort5280 did Alfred recognise the webcam over USB in bluestacks it is that just for viewing ?


Not sure what you mean. I don’t use usb in bluestacks


@nicoleshort5280 what camera device are you using on Alfred on bluestacks on the PC ?


And also to access both front and rear cameras on a single device simultaneously while viewing it in a split screen