Watch Party Sharing Subculture



I think it would be fun if we could get people behind the idea of sharing some of their favorite clips. Seems some people want to but shy away or dont have an actual place. Would be fun I think if we got a sharing section started here for the emerging subculture… what ya’ll think?



Yeah I do not know and could not find so I posed this question. I DO know Alfred has a “Groups” section that is totally baren and unused… maybe we can start groups. Can have categories from AFV type down to more nitty and gritty things… Figured if I put it out there… We could put heads together and figure it out. Unless Alfred made it an option much like Ring Cameras does their site where they post doorbell instances. Just dont have a radius limiter so we all can see… shit make it a localized thing too and steal Ring and Nest’s potential customer base…


Trying to figure out how to start a new group. So we can interact pics vids talk etc.


Very interesting and informative


I will that could be interesting. People do the darndest things. I’m sure including myself. I think I’m pretty boring but idk.


Have found out how to start a group I’m sure there would several interested in participating.


You did figure it out? Did you create one?


not yet still working on it. We’ll get it figured out then we’ll be up n running