Watch Live and Motion Record



Is there going to be an option to keep motion detection on while watching the live feed? If so, when?


@deanabesier nothing that I am aware of at the moment but you know that you can manually record whilst live viewing ?


Yes. I have been manually recording, but sometimes I miss some of the events. And when I go to moments to review the video, there is no sound, but there was sound while recording, and I made sure the audio is on from the camera phone.



If you want to record the audio from Camera’s side, please try to go to your Camera > Menu > Camera Settings > and ensure the Audio option has been turned on. On the Viewer’s side, please make sure that you have enabled the audio and increase the volume of your device.

If you have made sure that you followed the instructions but the video still has no sound, could you please share one of the video to us so that we can look into it further for you?

As for Motion Detection in Live, we are currently look into the possibility now. Please let us know if you have any idea on this, for instance, why you would want this feature and how important it is for you. Thanks!


@deanabesier if you are live viewing on a PC you could try a screen capture program that only records motion, not a perfect solution kinda makeshift but should suffice until Alfred catches up or you find an alternative.