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What happened to the wake up feature.?I used to be able to remotely wake up my camera phone on all my devices but have not for a long time now and now there isn’t even an option to wake up the cameras listed anywhere. I have crappy wifi so disconnections happen for me on a regular basis and the wake up feature was absolutely perfect! Can you please bring back that feature?
Before you ask I’m using alfred on an Amazon fire gen 5. Not sure of the operating system, a lg stylo plus operating system android 7, Samsung tab 4 OS 5.0, and Samsung A10 OS 9. So there’s quite a range of different devices to compare with.

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I believe that the wake option is still available if you camera device is down but Alfred can still see (connect) to it. If there’s no connection then Alfred viewer device will not be able to wake camera device. Having said that different connection problems have been reported lately, you just need to persevere that Alfred will come good. But just incase you should check out a back up. Check IP cameras on your favourite market website you will be surprised how cheap they are.
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