VPN and live video problems

Just added a VPN. Now I can’t view live video on my computer unless I disconnect from the VPN. is there a way around this? i can still view recorded video.

@ryangoughneour have you a paid VPN service or a free one ? Some Free ones limit video streaming to save bandwidth. I have no problems with opera VPN free from Playstore or Bitmask from F-droid.

I have a paid VPN NordVPN

@ryangoughneour check their Ts’n’Cs

I was able to connect using Private Internet Access (PIA) vpn but the video lagged out so bad I never watched until off it. Made no sense to me as they had unlimited and I could pull down over 5-10Mb per sec on downloads in my browser.

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Hi @ryangoughneour,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Since Live viewing needs to build a connection between two devices, Alfred indeed may experience some difficulty establishing a connection between them with VPN. You may try a different setup and see which one suits you best :slight_smile:

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I would suggest Express vpn or Nord vpn because these both are a bit expensive however they provide the best service. rest you can check at: best vpn service

@farhanjaved.gt1 I would agree with you that a paid service is better, I was just suggesting a couple of good free one’s to test.

You really have to try different types of vpns both free and paid to choose the best one. One of the information sources that I can recommend and which has best vpn services rating is TopVPNchoice. So go on and find vpn that perfectly suit your needs.

He said that he uses NordVPN

hey buddy,

i don’t heard some good reviews on nord vpn so my suggestion is that you can use other vpn and dont directly buy vpn first read reviews on it and then you will go with purchase i also used nord but i don’t any find such kind of issue on it. On Top VPN Service, you can read about the best vpn service provider.

I guess for you PrivateVPN work great. It has network of 100+ servers in 50+ states and has an amazing, and controlling fast service to get over rough geo-restrictions strongly and anonymously. In case you need topnotch security and encryption but don’t feel bothered about going without best features such as DoubleVPN, then you won’t have any issues with PrivateVPN.

It’s wonderfully secure and gives a kill switch in all its applications. Check out https://vpn.review/best-roku-vpn/ for more VPNs for roku. It’s reliable with all famous OS and you can set it up on your router to stream controlled Roku services on up to 6 devices at the same time. PrivateVPN also permits P2P on some of its servers without any data caps or speed restrictions.

I found one article https://webguidevpn.com/best-vpn-for-germany/ about best solution for Germany users. How you think OpenVPN will work in my country?

I nearly flaged your post as spam as you posted the link at the same time you joined but the information contained in the link is fairly partisan so I let it slide.
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Hi pinky. its just friendly advice. I hope this article useful for you.

It’s not useful for me as I use open source VPN software that is free.

I’ve also found this article on fastest vpn services. Free is okay but sometimes you really have to find the one that has a good connection speed.

You need a better VPN my friend. Are you trying to use it on roku? I use purevpn on roku. works for me. try to get a good affordable vpn for roku and you won’t face the problem anymore.

I would suggest you to try different VPNs and pick the best one which suits you and staisfy your need it can be both free and paid. I have a source of information that might help you picking up a best VPN for yourself. I hope it might help you.

some time people facing problems while they connect their vpn that’s why i suggest these top vpn services you may able to access without dissconnecting vpn