Viewing multiple cameras live and simultaneously


Good afternoon,
I’m new to Alfred, and unfortunately, it’s due to crisis, so I apologize in advance that I have not taken the time to see if this question has been asked and answered in previous threads.

Is there a method in which I can view multiple cameras, live, simultaneously from my computer screen (or other device)? When I pull up the webviewer/cameras, I LOVE that I can see all the devices I have currently online, but feel dejected that I seem to have to switch from camera to camera.

My mother has recently moved in with me due to three strokes, along with my brother with Down Syndrome. My extended family is not in any way helpful, and my brother is currently the main caretaker when I have to work…I’m trying to arrange for other help, but —don’t get me started on yet another “system” that is broken…

Any additional knowledge about Alfred would be extremely helpful.

Thank you,


Hey Lynn,

Thank you for your support!

For the moment, viewing multiple Cameras live feed simultaneously on your Viewer phone is not possible yet. You can only monitor multiple Cameras with Alfred’s WebViewer.

We will also look into the possibility of group viewing in the future. Please continue to support Alfred!

Let us know if you need further assistance.