Viewers on different continents, same account!


Hi, I am Sorin from Romania and I have a sister in USA.
Our mother has some medical problems and she is mostly
on the bed. I use your free version to see my mother when
I live the house. It works very well with my old phone

  • xperia e4g - as camera an my newer one - lg g4 - as
    viewer. My sister want to see our mother on her phone
    but she can’t connect with my account to see the
    same viewer. Is this possible with the paid version?


Hi @smistodie,

Thank you for reaching out!

This is totally possible, but you will have to take turns accessing the Camera. For the moment, Alfred does not offer simultaneous viewing yet. I can tell you it is something we plan to develop in the future tho!

You can also add your sister to your Trust Circle so that she can log in with her own Gmail:

Hope this helps!