Viewer not recording motions

Alfred is installed according to the prompts but does not record motions of individuals entering/exiting my apt/unit. (I have entered/exited without the camera picking up on my image :neutral_face:). What could be the problem? I have checked the sensitivity and everything.

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Yes. often happened to me too

Hi @bbzyldl8 and @wanchings,

Thank you for reaching out!

Would you mind trying to switch Motion Detection Reminder off and see if this still happens?

Keep me posted!

Motion Detector Reminders is not an option in the menu so I have no idea about it to make any adjustments.

Hi @bbzyldl8,

Thank you for the reply!

I took a look. For the moment, both of your devices are set as Cameras.

I need you to try two things for me:

  1. Switch one of your devices to Viewer:
  1. Update Alfred on your iPad.

Afterwards, you should be able to watch live feed as well as getting Motion Detection to work properly.

Keep me posted!

Motion detection is continuing to not capture people entering/exiting.

Hi @bbzyldl8,

Thank you for reaching back out.

From what I can see, Alfred still hasn’t been updated on your Camera device. Please do that.

Make sure Motion Detection is enabled:

Also, disable Motion Detection Reminder to see if that makes a difference:

Keep me posted!

Same problem for me… moments are not being captured