View Online for my blog box and Facebook (some have a Ring Neighbor program)


I would like to see the triggered video on the blog and facebook., can you develop the new software similar to the “Ring Neighbor” features, My friend have a Ring Neighbor and posted on the facebook after they triggered…


Hi Peter,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center and making a wish here!

Actually, we have a similar feature called “Trust Circle”! You and your neighbors can add each other to your Trust Circle on Alfred Camera. That way, you can log in with your own Gmail accounts and get notifications when the Cameras of both of you get motion-triggered videos.

Please find out how to set up a Trust Circle here:

If you want the video to be uploaded to your Facebook automatically, that would be another feature. Let us know if you are looking into this one.

Hope this helps!



Good luck sharing your feed with more than two people.


Yes, I can do upload directly from the Alfred to the Facebook it’s work prefect when a alert came in and manual upload to the facebook… easy can do! Pick the apps want be uploaded it.


Godwowwwwwwwwwww i like