Video Stops Recording Before Movement Has Finished


Why does Alfred stop recording before the movement has finished? I have people walking down my drive and when they get halfway the recording stops. I pay for the HD subscription so I thought this gave me longer videos?

Thanks for any help


Hi Chris,

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Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm decides if there has been “movement” by comparing one frame with the next. The movement might have been too subtle to trigger Motion Detection.

You are also always welcome to send me a link to a Motion Event or even a photo of what you see on the Viewer. That way, I can give you more specific advice.

Keep me posted!


I have this same problem but it’s my living room not my driveway, no way it should stop recording from only 20 feet away…


I’ve just sent a link of a recording to Ricardo as an example BUT that link shows the whole recording even the missing bit (albeit with the end sped up). It must be something to do with viewing the recording through the app.


That is interesting, so did you download the video and the missing bit was there or ?

I’ve seen this several times in motion captures where someone is walking across the room and the video stops part way. The person did not just vanish like the video would suggest and I am sure they did not just freeze, even if they did the next video should have caught them - but another video was not captured as by the time it started recording again they were out of the frame.


I sent the link of a recording which stops right in the middle to Ricardo. And then I thought I’d just double check that the link I’d sent worked and it showed the whole the thing. But the missing bit seemed to be sped up X2 .

Bizarrely if I download the video it starts at the point where the recording ends when viewed in the app. :confused:


Right I’ve just sent the link and viewed it on another PC.

What happens when it’s viewed is it gets to the end of the time bar with 0 seconds remaining so it looks like there is no more video to watch but then continues playing the missing bit


I have the same problems halfway threw it stopped and sometimes catches the ending of things


I have this same issue. I’m using my Alfred because our cat has escaped. I monitor the back door to see if and when he returns. This moning I had 1 event recorded: a cat sitting in the middle of the frame, 1 meter away from the camera. No video of it entering the frame, no video of it leaving the frame. It only recorded the part where the cat sat and did nothing, barely moved. Meanwhile I get constant notifications if the pixels shift 1 pixel because there’s a slight breeze that moves some brushes. Sensitivity is set to low, but the brushes still trigger the camera.

A 2nd issue is that sometimes the app is too late with its recording. The app gets triggered by bugs sometimes, especially if I leave the flashlight on at night. Sometimes the bug has flown past and only then does the recording start.

Is there any way to make recordings longer?


Hi @mashandalaichelle196 @2433e27c12df46ee685c,

Thanks for leaving the messages! Could you please also send us some videos with the issues you described? Our engineers are looking into them right now.

If you have a privacy concern, please send me a direct message!


You could try a wide angle lens adapter available on your favourite market website for £1 of the Queen’s finest sterling. I use one on my front door Alfred, the video can still start a bit late like when the subject is already in frame. It’s just trial and error for your best setup. Please keep us updated
Good day


I have noticed for awhile now the the recorder seems to activate and deactivate at random.ive had packages dropped off by courier and nothing shows.
But a branch mover in the wind and it records for the whole 120 secs. Yes I’ve tried all the settings (high medium,low) doesn’t make a diff. I can stand in front of camera and wave at it and it won’t record. I get that this a cheaper alternative to the monitored or $$$ CTV but it should do what it says it does which is record movement, all movement not just random…
Hopefully future updates will fix issue.


It isn’t a cheap alternative. Please just check your favourite market website for WiFi IP cameras. You could also check out this forum for alternative. Alfred is an App to bolt on top of your device, it doesn’t turn your old phone in to a fully fledged IP security camera. If Alfred could provide you with a standalone OS with just Alfred or a base firmware to complete run your phone then you would be halfway there. Until then it’s just hit and hope.