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Camera: Nexus 4, Android 4.2, Alfred 4.3.1 (2126)

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I can’t figure out why my camera is recording with gaps. I am resolved to the fact that sometimes it will only record 5 seconds (which has already been discussed, but not fixed), but I can’t seem to resolve why no motion was captured when it obviously should have. As an example, I have the camera listed above to capture movement in front of my home. As you can see, in the first video capture at 07:42:02 (5 sec long) there is trash on my lawn as it is trash day. But in the next video captured at 07:50:53 (15 secs log and nearly 8 minutes later) we only see the trashman leaving. You will also note that the video is 15 seconds long and in the view screen, at 0:0 seconds he is leaving because the trash has been removed from my lawn. Am I to believe that he miraculously transported a heavy TV stand into his truck without moving. I don’t think so. Had this been an intruder, the camera might have missed him entirely. I know this because I walk my dog each morning and there is NO video of my leaving or returning and I walk past this camera both leaving and returning.

So my question… is it my camera phone OR is in Alfred that has the problem?

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I am also having the same problem, Its missing the most important moments nearly all the time, also when i was viewing live feed and selected to record it displayed that it was recording but when i went back to view the recording there wasnt one.

Welcome to Alfred, he’s good and serves a purpose but he is currently far from perfect. The situation you are describing is a common problem, I have my Alfred located at a close proximity to the area I want covered (my front door) about three feet and he manages to capture most of the coming and goings but I have an IP camera inside facing the front door that doesn’t miss anything.

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I probably should have mentioned that I have the sensitivity on this camera set to Medium, because it was capturing all of the tree movement. But I would think that something as big as myself and two dogs would certainly be something it would notice. In addition, when I pull out of the driveway to go to work each day, sometimes it captures it and sometimes it doesn’t (mostly doesn’t). Considering my SUV is only about 10 feet (+/-) from the camera I can’t see what I need to do to have it capture it everytime.

My initial purpose for using (and upgrading to Premium) was to keep an eye on one of my “more destructive” pups. For that purpose, it works just fine, but I only notices the gaps when I put a camera up to look outside (to see what my dogs are barking at).

Question for you PFU, does your IP camera integrate with Alfred or are you using a seperate interface to view?

I am using the IP camera completely independent of Alfred. Plus I have a swaan DVR wired camera system, belts and braces. This is the link to my endeavours with my £15 IP camera

Hi, thanks for reaching out.


Please switch to Camera 2.0 version. We’ve optimized the algorithm of Motion Detection on this version.


When you finish recording, do you press the record button again? If you leave the session without pressing the button again, Alfred will not save that recording.

Hi Bella,

I don’t believe my problem is which version of camera (1.0 vs 2.0) I’m using. There are time when Alfred just doesn’t record any movement when it should. I’m 6 foot, 230 lbs and I can walk right past the camera at a distance of 10 feet and during the scheduled motion detecting timeframe and yet nothing is recorded. Even with sensitivity set at Medium it should see and record me. It appears to be hit or miss. I am going to swap out my camera (phones) to see if that has any affect on the consistency of motion detection and recording.

Camera v2 does help dramatically with Motion Detection. With v2 I get pre recording of events, like 2 seconds before the even occurred. This is beyond worth it and it works great. My only issues with Alfred is the alerts do not always come through. I see the events but I get no notification. AND occasionally my camera will auto focus causing a false alarm. This started in the last couple betas.

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I’m also having the same problem. It’s amazing how it always misses the most important times you need it to work. I have the premium account and three different cameras and it happens on all three of them no matter where they are. also it doesn’t pick up at night even though I have a front light on and a yard light it doesn’t show anything but pitch black.

Night vision on £15 IP camera. No ads, no subscription, full HD with motion detection and infrared night vision with zero light, two way Comms and email notifications.

So I’ve done some testing by swapping my cameras. All are Android, but at different OS levels and here’s what I have determined. It the motion is moving horizontal (left-to-right or right-to-left) in relationship to the lens then motion detection will pretty much capture the event, but if the motion is moving vertically (forward or backwards and vice versa), then motion detection is hit or miss. My cameras almost never capture my pulling out of my garage, but universally captured me pulling in because I hd to execute a turn into my driveway.

Alfred, this is something you may want to explore with your MD algorithm.

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