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    I am brand new user and right away signed on the Premium. Use Viewer on MacPro and /or Iphone 10 and cameras on olds iphone 5s, Ipad 3 and iphone 6s. Still learning how to use the system but I believe that Alfred automatically records clips when the camera detects a movement. The issue I have is that I do not see video clips while I am sure there was a motion. I DO get alerts but I do not see an associated video clip. I just get a still picture.

  • where / how do I see these clips ?
  • how long are these clips ?
  • will a light switching On trigger the motion detector ? If “yes” can these type of event be set up NOT to trigger the motion detector ?
  • can I mount a camera on a different location (obviously on a different network than the other cameras) and detect motions on it in addition and at the same time as the other 3 cameras ?
    I might have additional wonders but I will stop here and wait for your feedback.



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Hi RK,

Thank you for reaching out!

Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm determines how long the recording is depending on the movement. In order to keep you notified as soon as something happens, the recording is kept at a length between 5 and 30 secaonds. (5 and 120 seconds for Premium users)

Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm decides if there has been “movement” by comparing one frame with the next. As a result, light/shadow changes could indeed trigger recording. As a Premium user, you can enable the mode “Person Only” from Motion Detection setting. This way, Alfred will only record human. Please check out more here:

The movements recorded by Alfred are stored in Event Book.


The clips you manually record during the live session as well as the ones you have chosen to share as links go in Moment.

If you are referring to WebViewer, swipe through the Camera and you will see a calendar sign and that’s where the Events are located. You can also find Moments on the top menu with a cloud sign.

Hope it helps!