Using with flir on CAT s60?

I tried to use it with the flir thermalcam on CAT S60 – can not choose the cam …
Is there a way to use it??

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No, Alfred does not support IP cam configurations with other system at the moment. May be possible future updates that may support this.

It’s no IP cam – the cat S60 has a built in flir cam, but I can only choose front or rear-cam but not the build in thermal cam …

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Try disabling one or both the other cameras ?

Ohh, I just searched it. Its an actual phone. I thought it was a real full size IP cam, lol. Sorry for that mis information. I bet support will have to send out an update for the phone as that seems to be a top notch fancy phone. @Ricardo may be able to help.


For now, Alfred only supports front and rear cameras of a device. However, we will look into the possibility of providing availability to other built-in/external camera/lens, too. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned.


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Hello Ricardo! I hope that CAT S60 can have this feature, Then I could have it for surveillance on my garage. in thermal mode of the camera! (Sorry for my spelling, but I hope it is readable ) /Jan