Using the Automate app to improve performance

I’ve been using Automate ( to improve the app’s network performance and do other miscellaneous tasks automatically on my Android camera devices.
Has anyone else ended up going down this route to improve performance?
By performance I am referring to 2 specific things:

  • app closing because of auto update, device going to sleep, keeping the screen awake: essentially a task to restart the app and keep the device from sleeping for any reason

  • network disconnecting and not reconnecting automatically, or taking a long time (hours) to reconnect automatically: a task to keep the network connected within a 1-2 minute window of time.

I’d like to hear if anyone else has done this stuff too, and possibly would want to share logical workflows.
I created workflows for the 2 situations I outlined and would be willing to share them if anyone is interested.

Doing this has drastically improved the camera’s connectivity metrics and reduced the number of trips up a ladder or stool I have to make to turn a screen back on or restart the app or the device.

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I believe the reason Alfred is fairly popular is it’s easy to use, it’s ease of login, and it just works (when it’s working) once users have to start implementing secondary workflows and other Apps running in the background to keep Alfred alive I fear this will discouraged the majority of users and may possibly be beyond their scope. Some users have problems posting a coherent post.
Good luck.


It’s been a nice couple weeks after taking a couple hours to do this.
I understand though that most people would either not attempt this or would give up.

I guess this post is just for power users that are invested in a serious DIY system.
Thanks, lots of this adventure has required lots of luck lol…

The ease of login is pretty awesome. It was one of the primary reasons I checked out this app in the first place, and it hasn’t let me down. Any time I need to add, remove, or swap devices, it takes less than 5 minutes including any mounting/unmounting of the devices, which is still a killer feature.

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Also my devices are all outdoor devices with light sources, or at least enough ambient light that the night mode works very well.
Buying high quality IP cameras that wirelessly connect to an NVR are pricey.
Pricing out a system last February put it anywhere between $1,100 and $1,500 USD for what I was looking for, so even paying for an Alfred subscription for 10 years seemed like a bargain to me, and all the hardware purchases are one-time things.

Those cameras, though, support IR so still a tradeoff.

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Today’s prices are a lot different IP cameras for £15 or less with HD 720p proper infrared night vision, Pan tilt and local storage and onvif support and no advertising. I got an indoor camera which has been used outside for over a year now, just sealed up any gaps and it’s perfect.
You can also buy a four camera wireless system with monitor and DVR for £150 just got to add your own HDD.

£15 IP camera as many viewers as you like. Two way audio. Alerts from App and/or email.

Alfred on an old £20 phone. Constantly having to fix Alfred but I keep him there for the secure cloud storage.