Using the app as a sound recording device only


I don’t use the camera because I’m hiding the smartphone under a pile of books haha. Would love to be able to use it only as a sound recording device and enable sound detection.


Hi @Lily27!!!

It’s great to see more female users here at Alfred Center!!! Besides, Happy Women’s Day.

Sound detection is under development. We’ll make sure you are the first one to know when it is ready!


Would you like to share with us how your Alfred is posed under the books?

here is one I really love


Ok cool ! Loving the app by the way and I just bought the ad free version :wink: oh and I just hide the phone under a pile of books so I don’t really use the camera it is mostly for the sound.
Just another quick question, I haven’t used it yet when I was away for a long time but I have to go abroad soon for about 4 days. Will it work 24/7 non stop ?? I have the phone plugged so it is always charged but I was using another app before and after 30hrs the camera stopped working… Maybe loss of connection I don’t know. Is it possible to turn it on by distance if the WiFi is lost at some point?? Thanks !


we really need Sound detection and motion detection. Sound detection can detect Smoke alarm sound and CO alarm sound. that’s very important.


Hey @Lily27
Great to see you again at Alfred Center. When are you taking the trip? Bon Voyage! Before you leave home, I hope there is enough time to run some tests.

Keeping your Camera device plugged in is important. Without power, Alfred (your phone) cannot work at all.

In an ideal environment where WiFi signals are always strong and stable, Alfred has no problem working 24/7. Actually, a lot of our uses would leave their Alfred cameras for weeks non-stop.

Here is how to build an ideal environment before you take a vacation:

  1. Give Alfred strong and stable WiFi signals
    As you probably know, WiFi signals are like radio waves, they are not always steady. If your Camera device is too far from your WiFi router, chances are that it is not getting strong signals all the time. If relocating your Camera device helps solve the issue, we suggest a WiFi booster.

Also, we’d like to know if you pressed the POWER key on your Camera device. Some manufacturers think that since you press the POWER key, you are not using the device, and the device will enter sleep mode to save power, and will lower its WiFi reception. Do not press the POWER key, instead, we suggest you to press the SAVE POWER button in our app.

  1. Keep Alfred from disruptions
    We suggest that you run a factory reset to remove all apps, and then (re)install Alfred, so Alfred is the only app running on your Camera device. Also, we suggest that you don’t sync this device with your Gmail accounts so you won’t receive any email or calendar reminder on this device (see the screenshot).


Hi Irene, Alfred is amazing!! Was away for 4 days and never stopped working or lose connection . The phone does not even seem to heat up a lot. So far I’m very happy :blush:! Can’t wait for the sound detector update!