Use Teamviewer Host + Addon For Remote Control of Camera (android only?)

Sup alfred fam.

Anyone use Teamviewer Host + the Addon (different addons per your device maker) to remote control their cameras? Just in case it goes out of sync, or something happens and the app closes and don’t open right away, or anything of that nature, or is it just me?

I’m using Teamviewer Host and then in that app you just sign in on computer and the phone/alfred-cam and it should get you to get an addon for your make of phone. like samsung has its own addon, asus has its own addon, etc. Or, here’s ALL TEAMVIEWER ADDONS in the play store.

(not sure about apple, i refuse to use that garbage. hahaha, fling mud now if you like. i don’t think ios allows the protocols that make “unattended remote access from any device to the mobile” work on apple. At least not for teamviewer I don’t believe, but ios might have some other spiffy app or feature that lets you do this from your mac or something)

It’s highly useful, and even if anyone takes the device, you can still remote into it this way and get full access instead of just locking the phone. wait til late at night when they sleeping and turn on remote teamviewer, go into the phone, turn on the location as they will have turned it off, and blammo! because you should most certainly have your device encoded with security screen lock as well as be sim locked and encrypted so they can’t force ‘factory reset’ the device to just pop their sim in there or whatever.

This will answer the questions of items like these:

Just a thought to share as some may not know you can do this. I’m a nerd with no life at all so i tinker.