Upgrade, HD?



Hello, will I be able to notice a difference if I upgrade? Also if I am not happy with a upgrade can I get a refund or trial?


Hi @skgries1,

Thank you for reaching out!

You can check out the comparison videos a couple of users shared with us here:

Alfred’s payment goes through Google Play Store, App Store, and PayPal. Please find out about their refund policies if you have any concerns prior to the purchase.

Hope this helps!


ty I will be upgrading. Do you have any deal or specials for upgrading?


Hi @skgries1,

We love if you could give Alfred Premium a go!

If you sign up for the 12-month package, you’ll get a pretty good discount! Maybe try it for a month first to see if you like it. If you do, you can switch to the 12-month deal.

Hope this helps!


Just signed up for a month to try it!


Hey @skgries1,

I hope you’ve been enjoying Alfred Premium! Please keep me posted!


So far soo good, I deff tell a difference. I plan on slowly replacing my old phones w new better cam ones. I’m sure it has been asked before but would I notice a difference if a current lfred cam is say a 2-3mp cam and I switch to say a 5-6 mp cam phone?


Hi @skgries1,

Thanks for keeping me posted!

If we assume all other conditions remain the same, you might indeed notice a difference if you upgrade your Camera devices.

One word of advice tho: do this slowly. Get one and see how it works before you buy 3 devices of the same make (just in case the device doesn’t work well with the app for one reason or another).


ok good idea ty! I appreciate yr response!