Upgrade by vewer

Wish you could update the cameras by the viewer phone


Excellent suggestion. Absolutely agree.

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Hey @podein252002 and @dlowstyles,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

Did you know you can update Alfred on your devices from your PC? Check out our tutorial, give it a go, and I hope it makes updating Alfred even easier!

Let me know if it helps!

Yes works great you did exactly what I was thinking. Right on!!

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Updating the app on a camera via the PC did not work for me. Actually, at this point, I’m not completely sure what happened because a few minutes after doing the upgrade of app (via the PC), that camera went offline. So, I’ll have to see what happened on the phone when I get home. I’m guessing that it did upgrade the app, but did not restart the app after the upgrade.

Hi @shared.hulls,

Thanks for keeping us posted.

This is unusual, as Alfred is supposed to automatically restart after the update. Please keep us posted if you can find out what happened and let us know if you need further assistance!