Updating all devices from Playstore, doesn't work


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So I have gotten a message from my android phones saying, “Please update Alfred on this camera (5012)”. I read somewhere in the forum that if you go to the Playstore and update from there, all your devices will update. However this doesn’t seem to be the case. I followed the steps to update and it doesn’t work. I re-started my viewer phone and get the same message. So I’m wondering why? Because now I have the task of having to update each one, what a pain.

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@jandtsmom I know this won’t help but I have just updated my devices using this method. After you have updated give it five minutes then refresh your Alfred viewer by swiping down the screen.


This is the method I tried, and unfortunately it didn’t work.


Did you get a message saying that the device will be updated ?


I received a message on each device saying I “needed” to update. Which I have already done manually.



According to our logs, all your Cameras are now updated to the latest version. Do you still see the message 5012 from your Viewer?


They’re all updated now because I had to do it manually!