Update camera #5012

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Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

My camera is not working again. Now it is asking to update and gives a number (5012). But I AM travelling and cannot do it now! So my house is without surveillance. Cannot give you more details, I don’t have The mobile-camera here to see. However it has a Name XT1032. Thank you.

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Web Viewer has worked somewhat ok for the last couple months. Now since updating the app on my Microsoft surface pro running Alfred through Blue Stacks (Camera) my Samsung S9 (Viewer) works fine, but the Web Viewer on my other computer (2nd viewer) gives the “Camera Offline 7007” error, and will not connect.

Which device has the problem? Web Viewer on computer running Chrome
Device Model Name: ThinkCentre intel core i5
OS Version: Windows 7 Enterprise
AppVersion: Android 1698

I have deleted history and cookies on the computer. Logging out and then back in. I’ve tried to log in from an incognito window which does not work to fix the problem either.

Is there anything else I am able to try to get the Web Viewer on this computer to connect to my camera??


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We update Alfred regularly to optimize the performance. If your Camera is out of reach, you can actually update it from your PC!

Please find out how here:

Hope this helps!

what about mac?? iOS huh?