Uncover the mystery for developers: Continuous recording or motion detection videos?



Hey @brian.raker,

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We know exactly what you mean: we are continuously working on pre-buffering the Events. We hope that one day soon Alfred will be able to capture every single second of the movement! Please continue to support us and stay tuned!


I think continuous recording is necessary… Say you have someone watching your pet while you are away for even 1 day, not just for break ins, so your friend or relative is in your home and you think you can trust them… but then you notice something or may things missing or out of place. Now you have no actual proof… this was the proof you wanted of the theft or at least you could see were they were snooping, see IF they were snooping you could then review the recorded footage when not home and watch watch the footage at your convenience and even kinda skim thur it til what you want to watch to see what was actually going on. and if you have more then one phone/tablet set up then you could see were they were traveling in your home…

Not sure if it was possible since you need access to our gmail accounts then having access to and creating a folder in our google drive folder so it was in the cloud and easier to have a place to always be connected to backup to.


some recordings get messed up do to wifi signal


I’d really appreciate the ability for continuous recording, controlled from the viewers end (toggle recording button instead of hold to record) or just when ever the camera is on (we only use our camera for recording incidents). It’s the Audio which is important in these incidents (of course the physical aspect is important to catch too when in frame). I place our camera where ever the incident is taking place or have it set up when we anticipate an incident. A time stamp too would be invaluable (sorry if that had already been implemented or addressed). Thanks for reading.


I want to view customer traffic / sales, etc. Burst recording would be inconvenient, continuous recording better …


Considering I am trying to use this as security and two people were able to walk up my walk, past the cameras TWICE and knock on my door, and NEVER record they were there at all??? How is this to help? I would imagine if the camera is running all the time then WHY didn’t it catch even an image of them, or part image of them…this isn’t conducive.

I am using TWO phone cameras and they are continuously recording…running down the batteries…how can I FIX this??? I want to record if something is happening, not just alllllll dayyyyyyy longggggg?
What am I supposed to be doing?


Hi @mypaintednest,

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Were you in the middle of a live view session when the incident took place? For the moment, Alfred’s Motion Detection does not function during live view sessions.

Also, if your Smart Motion Detection is on, Alfred would prompt you to switch Motion Detection off when your devices share the same network. You might have accidentally switched Motion Detection off that way.

Please read more about Motion Detection and notifications here:

Hope this helps! Please let me know if it works!


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The initial notice and recording is fine, but it would be useful for people to set up a longer recording time if triggered again within a specific time frame, so say 15 seconds trigger again and so recording time also increases to such a trigger event, so double recording time, or option to constant record (5 Min blocks etc) to better guarantee recording actual event and catch what your after.

This would be the best security camera if it functioned like this. Currently I use a Nestcam on a mobile hotspot which costs way to much each month but without having power or Internet available in remote Alaska areas options are limited


I dont have a need for continuous recordering just longer than 5-10 sec other than that i love using the Alfred app


Hi @ellismike1984,

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Actually, we modified the Motion Detection algorithm very recently. After the latest update, you should notice longer recording time on average. Could you give it a go and let me know what you think?

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I may like continuous recording on 1 or 2 of my devices but I don’t think it is completely nesesary. I think a longer recording option for motion triggered events would be a better option for my particular arrangement.
For me Alfred provides some assurance of security and may provide some evidence in the case of a crime.

IMO If one wanted complete 24 surveillance then they should invest in the appropriate hardware and security system.

IMO Alfred is a quality product for an amazing service at the right price.

More importantly Alfred makes use of things that may otherwise be junk.


Hi @thanosdestro,

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We are definitely thinking about making longer recording time a possibility in the future, but it will take some time. We’ll definitely keep you posted when that happens!

In the meantime, keep us posted if you have more feedback or anything to share!


I would like a longer recording once triggered say one minute. An optional 3 minute record time without holding the record button down would be helpful. I use this as a nanny cam.
A zoom in feature would be nice on the mobile phone app.


Hi @panaturenut,

Thank you for your feedback!

Both longer recording time and zoom are in our development plan. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


I use my cam to watch my kids when im unable to while outside playing i had to download another app for continuous recording. The best thing anout the other app is that i save all recordings to my Dropbox or google drive accounts saves me time and money while knowing the recordings are safe and i can go back over them at my own convenience I hope that may be an option in the future


I think the way Alfred is set up to only record motion events is absolutely perfect! I’ve tried other security cameras and it was my biggest complaint, that I would never have the time to actually go back and look through all of it! And plus, the amount of storage that would require and battery is not reasonable to me.


would be handy if someting needs to be checked when movement is constant so motion detection wouldnt be useful


my truck has been broken into a few times so I have my camera pointed out the window. without continuous recording, this app is useless. I’m on the second floor and the app isn’t going to pick up motion as the motion will be in the parking lot and not in my house where the camera is


Continuous recording. That way you can hear what’s happening even if you can’t see it. And so you don’t over clutter storage you should be able to delete unnecessary videos


Hi @121687butterworth,

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While the option to record continuously is not available for the moment, you can delete the videos you don’t want anytime!

Please find out how here:


Hope this helps!