Unable to access notifications

I tap on Notification but the menu option to turn on and off the notifications will not open.

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Hi @fllbu02,

Thank you for reaching out!

Do you mean the options to mute notifications? You’d need to swipe left:

Let me know if this answers your question!

No the issue was that I would tap on “Notifications” and the menu to tune them on and off would not open at all, the problem has since been resolved as I can now once again tap on the Notifications bar and it comes up so I can turn them on and off. I am however curious that IF I am paying to not have banner ads on my account why are they now coming up on the PC screen, they are still not coming up on my phone, but still it is all the same account after all.

Hi @fllbu02,

Thank you for keeping me posted!

Glad to hear the issue has been resolved. I am guessing it was a temporary glitch caused by an unstable Internet connection on your Viewer Phone.

I am, however, really concerned with the fact that you see ads on the WebViewer (you really shouldn’t)! Would you mind showing me a screenshot so I can get the engineers to figure this out for you?

Look forward to your reply!

Hi there, this is what I am getting on my end, in this case it is an ad for Century link.

Hi @fllbu02,

Thank you so much for sending over the screenshot!

I already asked the engineers to look into it, so hopefully they will get it fixed ASAP!

Did this start happening over the past few days? Is this the only type of ads you see?

Please let me know more! It will be very helpful.

Hi there sorry I have not logged into teh PC screen until just now and the ads are still there they have been there for about a week now I think, the Smart phone is fine other than the Alfred Tips at the bottom of the screen which is also new.

Hi @fllbu02,

Thank you so much for keeping me posted!

We are still majorly confused, but it’d be helpful if you could tell us…

  1. Do you log in to Alfred with the account you are posting from?

  2. Do you only see ads when you are playing Events, or are they there during live-viewing sessions as well?

Please let us know so we’ll have more clues! Thanks in advance.

I am signed in on my work computer and it appears as though they are coming through Google itself.

Hi @fllbu02,

Thanks for the reply!

Our engineers spent some time adjusting what they think might be the root of this problem. Would you please try again? Open the WebViewer in Incognito mode if you can.

Please keep me posted!