Two of three cameras work, one fails, but only on real time viewing


It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera; I’m not sure.
Device Model Name: Viewer - Galaxy Note 9; Camera - Galaxy 7
OS Version: Both are latest Android
AppVersion: 3.15.1 build 1678

I have three cameras around my house, and use my current phone as the viewer. All 3 cameras show up on the home page, with current (and updating!) images. However, when I click on one of them it never connects to the individual camera. It does still produce video and alerts with motion detection, and I can view the clips produced thereby. I just can’t get to the real time view.

The other two connect and allow me to view real-time video from them, along with alerts and motion detection etc.

There is no variance as far as local WiFi network, version of the application, etc. The camera in question was working great until yesterday, then it just stopped connecting for real time viewing.

Any ideas?


Hi Flonk,

Thanks for reporting the issue!

First of all, please try to reinstall Alfred and reboot your Galaxy Note 9 to see if the issue persists.

Did you just update the operating system to Android 8.1 recently?

We’d like to figure things out for you. Please keep us posted.


I went ahead and re-installed on my Note9, even though that makes no sense, since I have the problem both on the phone and the web viewer. And, surprise, it makes no difference. I’m getting the following error on the phone (no error message on the web viewer):


Problem transmitting data. Please make sure you are connected and try again. (7001)"

Of course, I AM connected, and can properly connect to the other two cameras at my home. Just not this one.

Any other suggestions? I’m really hoping to get this fixed, so I can feel comfortable upgrading to premium. But no way I’m going to do that when only 66% of my cameras respond correctly. It’s nice to have the motion detection video work, but I really wanted the real time view for this camera.



Hey Flonk,

Thanks for providing the information. We have reported this issue to our engineering team. Will contact you later when they find out anything.

In the meantime, we noticed that you have a Trust Circle member on that Camera (Galaxy 7). Could you please remove the Trust Circle member temporarily to see if you can watch live?