Tweaking! Over files, pics, apps, etc... This is TINA!?

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Ok peeps!!! This is Tina!!! Just to let it all out , my so called MAN STEVEN WROTE THIS POSST!? 1st off, thx for all the comments, alot were funny, some were sincere, and ALL were just flat out truth!
OK. Back in December I noticed alot of crazy shit on his phone and on the computer. I knew how to read the activity that he didn’t. He thought clearing his browser saved him!! Wrong. So this story I swear don’t happen to ppl!! I’m writing a book! No shit!! Lol. Ok. We fought like crazy while he denied shit… also , I left him and moved out in July… So I was home for 5 months already at my dad’s.xmas morning was really bad. I left his house at 530 am in a fight. That’s when I noticed he was on lice web cams. I seen erased videos for months .so I’m thinking it’s porn! Ok. Whatever. It still made me mad cuz it made me feel some type of way. BTW I’m 43, 4 kids and a 3 yr grandson. I’m 5ft 3 in and 125 lbs… I’m not ugly in any way. I’m actually quite cute… lol. But. Mi have a belly full of stretch marks …guess what? I’ve accepted that due to the fact that I birthed for babies therefore I earned those marks!!! So this goes on well it’s still going on today only I know the truth and we laugh some time etc… The bad part. Nut isn’t just hearing!!! He sleeps with 8 to 10 girls/ guys a day! Basically A prostitute,!! I’m not with him as his girlfriend, but it’s been 5 yrs and I can’t let him go as a friend. I need him in my life for that comfort. Talks, laughs, sometimes fun days and nights of just chilled, (he come to my window):rofl: like we’re 16 … We have a spiritual connection that is hard to keep us apart. It’s new to both of us. Our relationship is done on my behalf cuz I’m not gonna sit and be faithfully at his request while he wilds out,!!! Every body else is getting the blazing ass dick that I’ve had for 5 yrs!!! Let them have it,! It makes me sick, now! I have more respect for myself to do what he’s asking but in a way when I hang out with him he does his thing . Sometimes we argue, other time I laugh at his jokes and antics… I’ll never judge Jim 4 what he does… Make, female whatever… I can’t lose him… he’s like family… if I have a question, I wanna ask him
… it’s wired… Really wired. No relationship is needed… he wants to say he loves me and he faithful… But he don’t. He’s called me nasty and old, worn etc… yet don’t want no o one else to have this V! Let’s ask him why no one else can have the V… Lol. Anyway, I got strung along a yr, with clue after clue and I’m smart so I figured it all out on my own… But the truth could of been told in the beginning… So much wouldn’t have happened! There’s still literally about 40 things I can tell u that happened! But like his post that has streemed over 60 comments… Guess u guys will have to ask! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


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