Turn on motion detection notification



The motion notification has stopped asking me if I want to turn on motion detection when leaving home. Why is that?

Which device has the problem? Viewer
Device Model Name: Samsung G S7
OS Version: Nugget

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Hi @watlington68,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

I took a quick look at the list of devices you own, and it seems like your Camera is an iOS device. For the moment, Motion Detection Reminder is not available on iOS Cameras yet.

If you are inquiring about the Android Camera you have associated with a different account, please let me know which account it is so I can check the logs for you.

Hope this helps!


Sorry for not getting back sooner. My account is watlington68@gmail.com that I use for Alfred. There should not be any other accounts associated with Afred.


I use to have a notification that alerts me to turn on motion detection when I left the house. Some reason I no longer have that option.


Hi @watlington68,

Thank you for reaching back out.

Due to system limitations, Motion Detection Reminder is not available on iOS devices. Your current Camera is an iOS device, so Reminder won’t work.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi Sunny.Hu,

I have noticed the same thing between my Android camera and my Android viewer for approximately the past 2 weeks. That was about the time that the Alfred version was updated. In my case, for example, this morning, I left the house at 7:45. The reminder from Alfred came at 8:25. Sometimes, there is no reminder at all. Prior to 2 weeks ago, the reminder would come every time as I was 3 blocks away from my home. Now, it is no longer helpful. Can you make it work like it did before?

P.S. I did also upgrade to Premium about 1 week ago.


Hi @musiconeb,

Thank you for reaching out!

We did notice something unusual with our notification mechanism, but things should be back to normal now.

Would you be able to try for a few more days and let me know if that’s the case?

Keep me posted!


Thank you Sunny.Hu for looking into the issue. No reminder this morning, but I did receive motion alerts anyway. I will see what happens and let you know again tomorrow.

How does Alfred detect I am away? Does it check the GPS of the camera and the Viewer, then notify me when I am more than 100 meters away? … or does it note that I am no longer on the same Wi-Fi as the camera?


Hi @musiconeb,

Thanks for the reply!

Alfred has no location permission, so this is done by detecting network change (that’s why the mechanism might not work properly if you have multiple routers/subnets in your house).

Please observe for a couple more days and let us know. Reminder is a tricky feature because so many things have to come together for it to work right.

Keep me posted!


Hi Sunny,Hu, So I left my camera several hours ago and have been on a different Wi-Fi network on the other side of town. I just now was prompted to turn on motion detection. I’m not sure what to make of that.


Hi @musiconeb,

Thanks for the reply.

It does seem like there is a significant delay. We will look into this to see if it is a systematic problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience! I will keep you posted when we figure this out!


I uninstalled Alfred from the Camera and the Viewer, then reinstalled Alfred on both. The Reminders appear to be properly working now.


Hi @musiconeb,

Thank you for reaching out!

Sometimes the simplest solution might indeed be the best one.

Sorry for all the trouble. Fingers crossed the Reminder will continue to work!


Oh well. No motion detection notification today as I left. That was 90 minutes ago.


Today, I left the location with camera and was notified to turn on motion detection within two minutes.


Hi @musiconeb,

Thank you for reaching back out.

I think this is caused by a delay in the external service used to execute the Reminder. Alfred’s system does send out the notifications, but sometimes the external service takes much longer to actually relay them.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Reminder is a complicated feature because it requires many factors to work together. This is something we are continuously working on, but it isn’t always perfect!


Sunny.Hu, motion detection reminders appear to be working normally again for me. Thank you.


Hello there,

I seem to be having somewhat similar issues, although in my case I received the reminder notification only as soon as I turn on Alfred camera. In the past, I used to receive it whether the app was open or not. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you,


Hi Ghazar,

Since your viewer phone is android 9.0, OS higher than 8.0 cannot receive remind notification when the app is not working in the background. Please lock Alfred in the background by steps below to see if the problem persists:

  1. Launch Alfred, enter the background page
  2. Press and pull the Alfred image down, then you can see the Lock icon appear on the upper right corner (Tutorial: https://www.droidviews.com/lock-recent-apps-on-samsung-devices/)
  3. Disable battery optimization for Alfred in your system setting so that your phone won’t stop Alfred from running in the background. (Tutorial: http://nine-faq.9folders.com/articles/8698-how-to-turn-off-battery-optimization-on-the-samsung-galaxy-android-6-7-and-8-devices)

Hope it helps!


Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your suggestions. My viewer phone is a Google Pixl 2 XL, and it seems to be a little different.

Locking recent apps is not available in Google Droids:
That’s not a native feature of Android (i.e., it’s not available on Google devices like Pixel or Nexus devices), so it’s a modification the manufacturer made. They presumably decided to get rid of it with the Oreo update.”

I was able to disable battery optimization as follows:
Apps & Notifications
Battery Optimization
Don’t optimize

Hopefully that may help.

Thanks again!
Ghazar Stephan