Turn camera front led when motion detection


For night motion detection
Can you add automatically led turn on



I agree, this would be a good option


Hi @natanelcamera1 and @okkooter,

Thank you so much for joining us at Alfred Center and reaching out!

Actually, have you tried Auto Low-Light Filter?

This might be helpful!


I have installed one of my cameras inside the garage. In the daytime, the subject appears as a dark silhouette against the brightly lit street outside.

Please give us the option to turn on the camera’s LED flash upon motion detection and keep it on until recording is finished so that we can see the subject’s face and other details. Thanks.


Ich brauche auch dringend das LED Licht. Die Kamera steht in einem Raum indem es nachts kein Licht gibt. Egal was ich einstelle, es ist einfach zu dunkel.