Trust Circle Scope Not Available

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera Viewer
Device Model Name: Samsung Note 3
OS Version: Android 4.4.2
AppVersion: 3.11.05 Build 1568

I do not have the “Trust Circle Scope” option on either of my phones so I am unable to provide additional people with access to the app.

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Hi @narvaez.joseph,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Please check the link below to build a trust circle:

Please send us the screenshot if you could not find the Trust Circle option in Setting.

Hope it helps!

I’m having this problem. Any help?


Thanks for providing the screenshot!

To add a Trust Circle, you have to go to your Viewer phone. You can find the instructions here: